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Volunteer Management Course – Case Study

Neil had worked as a volunteer manager at PERA for six years. After finding the Aim Awards in Volunteer Management in our partner’s  weekly e-briefing, he saw it as an opportunity to gain some formal training and share his ideas with other people in similar roles.

A mix of theoretical and practical learning 

For Neil, one of the most appealing aspects of the training was the mix of theoretical and practical learning, as well as the chance to hear different ideas from both the tutor and other learners:

I enjoy doing research and practical elements and knew it would be able to help me in my job and to get together and hear other people’s ideas.

He also enjoyed the prospect of distance learning, and he found that the option to complete some of the work in his own time meant that he was able to get more out of the course. 

Interactive distance learning

The best thing about the course for Neil was the high level of interactivity, something he hadn’t always experienced with other distance learning courses:

I never did a distance learning course like this that was as interactive as this one was and each of the tasks had a practical relevance to me and my work.

The extra opportunities to speak with the course tutor, Alison Hodson – VoluntaryWise Training, meant that Neil was able to get to know her quite well over the length of the course:

You get to take part in online tutorials with your tutor and put a face to the name. I’ve done distance learning courses before and they can be a little impersonal. This one wasn’t.

Transferable skills

Neil no longer works as a volunteer manager, but he still feels that the Aim Awards in Volunteer Management course has given him skills that he can apply to his new role:

Although I’m not managing volunteers I think there’s a lot in the course that is transferrable to managing other staff such as finding out about their motivation and communicating effectively.

I wish I’d done this course sooner.

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