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ACL is a proven training for developing effective leaders. But it’s only half the story. To stand out as a leader, we must be able create and manage an effective team. The concept of the high-performing team is at the heart of the ACL philosophy. It’s why ACL founder John Adair features the team circle within his iconic model.

“People think that my 3-circle model is a leadership one, but actually it is about working in groups and organisations. The Royal Navy, for example, use it for training new recruits in teamwork as well as with those already in – or soon to be in – leadership roles at officer and NCO levels…”

John Adair

ACL and Teamwork:

ACL is not just about leaders; it’s also a great model for team work.  The leader has to create a team synergy in order to achieve the common task.

If you observe teams playing sports you will see how a victory unites the
winning team. Watch them embrace one another as the victory brings them closer together.  Conversely then look at the losing team – they stand apart from one another, dejected and alone, their motivation gone.  It follows, then, that a team that succeeds in achieving its objectives will be a highly motivated and effective team of people.

It is why John Adair includes the team circle within his iconic model and yet it probably remains the most challenging circle for most leaders. Perhaps the needs are less obvious – the need for unity, cohesiveness and collaboration, but if those needs are not met, the unfortunate leader is left with a group of individuals, each pursuing their own personal objectives and not focusing on the greater good of the team.  A group of independent contributors cannot be a united and high performing team and the 3 Circles model serves as a constant reminder of how important the team circle is, if excellence in performance and productivity is to be achieved.

Nor is ACL only for team leaders or those in supervisory positions. Managers at middle or senior level benefit equally from developing their team leadership skills; indeed, team leadership is often a weakness at this level. Just because a manager is an operational or strategic leader, it does not mean they stop being a team leader. The principles of effective leadership are equally relevant at each level of management – it is only the degree of complexity and specific learning tasks that differ.

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